Understand your Past with Genetic Testing

Many people become ill with hereditary diseases and have no idea where the ailment came from. They often do not remember the health issues of past family members or are not affiliated with their birth family. It can be incredibly helpful to know what to expect from your genetics. Some healthcare issues can be prevented or at least caught early if you know what to screen for. Thankfully, there are now excellent genetic testing options to help you find out about your health history.


Cancer has become an ongoing problem worldwide. A lot of this may have to do with the environment. There does seem to be a genetic disposition, however, to certain cancers. Cancer screenings can be done early on those that have a family history of certain types. If there are several women in your family that have had breast cancer, you may need to be tested much earlier than most people. Instead of having your first mammogram in your 40’s, you may need to start in your early to mid-30’s. Finding that you have high risk genetics for cancer does not meant that you are going to get it. You should however, use this information to become more aware of prevention techniques.


There are some cases where the parents pass way before the children take notice of their specific health history. It is often something that people do not thing to talk about. If you still have a sibling, however, you can get both find out what may affect you later in life. An illness may also show up in one sibling that warns the others to get medical screenings. Adopted children often know little about their biological parents. Genetic testing is a great way to find out what they need to know. They may also have found their birth siblings, however, giving them an advantage to finding out more about their health.


Genetic testing is done by way of bloodwork. They may also ask you about any health history that you know of from your family. These screenings may not be covered by insurance, as they may not be deemed a medical necessity. It is worth the money, however, to find out how to keep yourself healthy.  Your blood is taken and sent off to the lab. If you know of any common health issues in your family, they can also look out for them when they are testing you. When the results come back, your doctor can help you come up with a more defined health care plan. Book an appointment for genetic testing in Singapore, today.

Serious illnesses, such as cancer can be devastating. When you have no idea about your family health issues, they may also catch you by surprise. The best way to get control of your care is to be informed. Genetic testing is even better than having access to family members, because it can trace things much further back than just one or two generations. You can get a clear picture of what your body is susceptible to. Take the time to care for yourself in the best way possible with genetic testing.