Taking Modafinil: Are you Doing it Right?

Modafinil is a smart drug that improves the cognitive function in various ways. Although you can find a lot of smart drugs in the market, Modafinil stands out because it only leads to minimal side effects. Are you using the drug and are wondering how to do it effectively? Just like other drugs, you need to take this generic modalert as prescribed to get the maximum benefits. The majority of users have no problems when taking the drug. Below are some tips to effectively use the drug:

Find the Right Dose

Some people choose 100 mg while others need 200m to 300 mg to feel an effect. If you are new to the drug, consider taking 100 mg and gradually increase your dose to 200 mg. Overall, most users find 200 mg an ideal dose that gives them most benefits during a workday.

Split the Dose

This means taking 100 mg in the morning after breakfast and taking another 100 mg after eating lunch. This provides you enough energy and mental focus during those works hours so you can get through your day. Often, it is more affordable to purchase the drug online in 200 mg pills and then divide them into 100 mg doses. But, you can also talk to your doctor as to how else you can split the drug dose.

Take the Drug at the Right Time

When using Modafinil, you should wake up early and take it as early as possible. Expect its effect to last up to fifteen hours. Waking up at 7 in the morning and taking the drug lets you feel the effect at 8 in the morning. Before you order modafinil, remember that the drug is ideally taken in the morning.

Ensure you Eat

After eating the drug, make sure you eat since it can serve as an appetite suppressant. Therefore, you may not feel hunger pangs when you use it. Because eating is a must, stick to your meal schedule even if you are not hungry. A Modafinil intake should not push you to make changes to your meal routine. So ensure you eat three meals every day and eat the same amounts as you normally do to reduce any side effects.

Consume Lots of Water

As with food, you are likely to forget about water while using the drug. You will want to get the benefits from the drug without ending up with dehydration. There may be times when you are too focused on your work and you don’t notice time to pass by without taking water.