SARMs help to build muscles

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators or the SARMs are a new class of exciting performance-enhancing drugs. The limited research on these compounds looks promising. They burn fat and build muscles at the levels compared to steroids but without the side-effects like liver damage, ball shrinking, and the growth of body hair. They cut on the hormones in a limited way and show a lot of potential for the users who want to build muscles and reduce fat at a rapid rate. Many of the studies on this compound have been done on the rats and the long-term experiments on humans are not done because it may turn out to be riskier.

The anabolic features of steroids help to build muscle by enhancing the testosterone levels that in turn enhances protein synthesis. But there is an androgenic side to the steroids as well as it interacts with the liver or develops the secondary sex characteristics like voice deepening, body hair growth, and acne. In the case of steroids, the anabolic and the androgenic ratio is 1:1. But these compounds have the anabolic to androgenic ratio as 3:1. This means that the same benefits can be achieved with these compounds but without the side effects. They are legal and SARMs for sale are available only for the research purposes.

Benefits of SARMs

The benefits of these compounds are many. They help to build muscle strength which is 20 times more than the ones that are placed in the placebo groups. Utilizing them, the users gain muscle strength and size. Deductive evidence has shown a significant increase in the growth of the muscle tissues. Evidence suggests that the users may gain 3-15 lbs of the muscle tissues within a period of 12 weeks only. The amount of the growth of muscle tissue is dependent on exercise, diet, and also on the characteristics of these compounds, whether it is mild in nature such as MK 2866 or potent like LGD 4033.

These non-steroidal compounds attach themselves to the DNA area that is responsible for the synthesis of skeletal muscles. They do not affect the other tissues of the body like the anabolic steroids. They have effects on the breast cancer too. They play an important role in treating breast cancer and because they do not have the ability to convert into estrogen there lays a very less possibility for the negative repercussions. The tumor cells reduce by 90% in weight and may prevent the possibility of the development of breast cancer. Recent studies have revealed that they enhance sexual desire in men as well as women.

Where to buy

There are numerous manufacturers that are selling these compounds on the internet. Although SARMs for sale is not legal for the consumption of humans, they can be purchased for the purpose of research lab experiments on the rats. Multiple vendors are selling these compounds online and some of them are the reputed ones. But, before buying them some safeguards should be followed like choosing the most reputable vendors. This can be done by reading the reviews of the users and by visiting their websites. Do a thorough research on the companies before choosing one of them.