Reduce that Fat and Look Terrific with Willpower

There are many ways to increase belly fat. They range from:

  • Not eating the right kind of foods
  • Drinking sugary liquids
  • Not getting enough aerobic exercise
  • Not doing enough weight training
  • Not sleeping well
  • Not managing stress
  • Smoking (for those who smoke)
  • Drinking a little too much alcohol

That’s a pretty long list of things to watch out for.

Furthermore, even if you follow the right steps to lose fat, as shown in the accompanying infographic, your body fights back. In fact, two hormones, leptin and ghrelin, change their levels rapidly as the body loses weight. As a result they trigger the body to eat more. Countering these forces requires a tremendous amount of willpower.

Willpower, or self-control, comes from an area of the brain called lateral prefrontal cortex. And studies show that when activity in this area of the brain increases you are more likely to succeed in losing fat. So, some of the ways to increase willpower include:

  • Creating a distraction by thinking of something else
  • Squeezing a hand grip until you are exhausted
  • Carrying around something tempting (for example, candy) but not eating it
  • Being mindful of the automatic decisions you make. When we are lost in thought, our actions become automatic. Taking the time to think before making a decision increases your ability to focus and resist temptation.
  • Using your opposite hand to do things
  • Working on your posture. If you catch yourself slouching, correct yourself by sitting up straight

So, the next time you are tempted to do things that increases fat, use your willpower to squash the temptation.