Find Countries Where the Steroids Are Not Illegal and Safely Follow Performance Enhancement


There are different types of medicines and most medicines are available in market with proper prescriptions. There are some medications that are based on steroids and there are prescriptions available for these steroids also. You will find that the steroids that enhance performance or help in building muscles are mostly called Class C steroids. These often are bought without any prescriptions. They have the same chemical base as psychotropic drugs and in many countries they do not sell these strictly without prescriptions.  The steroids are actually derivatives of testosterone and they help in growth of cells. These steroids are mostly man made and are based on the testosterone that is produced within human body.

No prescription available

These anabolic steroids are hardly prescribed for any medical purpose or for curing any disease and so there are no prescriptions available. The restricted status of anabolic steroids is found in most countries, based on this fact that these are not used for curing any disease. Though these compounds are popular the whole world over, you will never find them to work towards curing any ailment. They are good for increasing muscles of the body and also for adding energy to the body. They are also good for adding better looks by taking off fat from your body. These are non-therapeutic effects and can cause damage if abused intentionally.

Inappropriate usage

There are different countries that will never allow the selling of these anabolic steroids within its borders. These steroids are used for enhancing performance and there are athletes who use them to bring changes in their performance by going for higher dose that is not recommended. The number of such people grows and there are new methods for bringing up performance. These compounds can be used within permitted dose without causing much harm but when they are inappropriately used, they cause harm to the user.

Considered illegal to sell

There are some anabolic androgenic compounds that are named Dianabol and man-made Testosterone. These have got a strong effect on the body and so they need prescription to be purchased. Canada is one such country where it is considered illegal to sell these compounds but you can possess them without doing anything illegal. The athletes can turn to black market to procure these steroids but it is highly unsafe. You will never know if you are buying the right thing or if the steroid is the same that you are asking for.

Countries that have less restrictions

The body builders need these steroids and they keep on working to find out the countries where the steroids are legal. The sports that need strength or lean mass or speed will see its sportsmen to use the steroids for enhancing their performance. The restricted status of anabolic steroids must be true to some countries and is not followed by many countries. You can go through the regulations of the country and then think of buying them from those countries. There are countries like China, Bahamas, Costa Rica, Thailand, India, Hong Kong and similar ones where the laws are not so strict. When you are into bodybuilding, you will have to use these steroids that enhance performance. Hence keep searching for the right place and use these compounds with care and in right dose.