Cont’d: Professional Drug-Inspection Teams to Be Established

Consumers are always annoyed at companies selling inferior-quality products. In the health insurance industry, the quality of medical insurance varies.

Occupying the largest market share, UnitedHealthcare not only writes itself insurance plans — including but not limited to, American medical insurance, U.S. travel insurance (aka 美国旅游保险), and U.S dental insurance (aka 美国牙医保险) — but cooperates with universities to undertake international student health insurance (aka 留学生保险) as well.

Consumers enrolling in UnitedHealthcare network can, for example, get good-quality eyeglasses and contacts in America (aka 美国配眼镜) and schedule dental visits in American (aka 美国看牙) with skilled dentists.

The Student Health Center on campus is merciful, allowing low-income students to waive health insurance (aka 替换保险) or make an installment payment. The copayment of prescription at the Student Health Center is also free or charges much less than other retail stores.

However, people enrolling in inferior medical insurance with small-scale insurance companies may get angry at some time. In China, the State Council issued a circular on July 18 outlining measures to form professional drug-inspection teams, as part of efforts to strengthen drug supervision and guarantee drug safety.

Provincial teams will meanwhile conduct onsite inspections on the production of drugs, medical equipment, and cosmetics. They will also inspect pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises, headquarters of retail chains, as well as third-party online sales platforms, and provide guidance for regulatory departments at county level.

Rules and process specifications for drug inspection should be further improved, and a national unified database and information platform should be established for drug inspectors at different levels to share information.

To safeguard drug inspectors’ fundamental rights and to encourage their potential, a reasonable mechanism for salary and welfare, performance evaluation and title assessment will be adopted. Vocational training will also be strengthened to develop high-quality inspectors, the circular said.